The Norwegian Seafood Council Is Helping to End Childhood Hunger in America—and You Can Help!

The Norwegian Seafood Council is proud to help end childhood hunger through its sponsorship of Chefs Cycle with our Team Seafood from Norway.  

ChefsCycle logoDid you know that 1 in 6 children will face hunger this year in the United States? Believe it or not, food insecurity is a major issue in this country, with 13 million children living in households without consistent access to enough food. No child should have to go hungry. Share our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign develops innovative initiatives and programs focused on ending child hunger in America. One of those initiatives is Chefs Cycle.

Chefs Cycle is a peer-to-peer fundraising event featuring a 300-mile endurance ride with award-winning chefs fighting hunger outside the kitchen. The 2017 Chefs Cycle ride will take place May 16–18 in Santa Rosa, Calif., with a goal of 250+ chefs riding to help raise 20 million meals for kids facing hunger. The Norwegian Seafood Council is a proud to sponsor Chefs Cycle with a team of its own—Team Seafood from Norway—captained by award-winning Chef Neal Fraser.

Chef Neal Fraser had the opportunity to visit Norway in 2014, where he got an in-depth look at its sustainable aquaculture industry. As the world’s second-largest exporter of seafood, supplying more than 150 countries worldwide, Norway understands the importance of safeguarding the environment and fish stocks, not only to continue to support its local communities and culture, but also to be a sustainable industry that provides meals worldwide for generations to come.

The global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050 and will require record levels of food production. At the rate we’re going, food insecurity and hunger will become an even greater issue. Those struggling with food insecurity face the burden of not only getting enough to eat, but also of accessing nutrient-rich foods that promote good health and help reduce risk of chronic illness. Norway’s seafood industry believes that aquaculture can provide a sustainable, healthy solution to feeding the world. Not only is Norway’s ocean-farmed salmon a great source of healthy protein, but it also contains essential vitamins and mineral, as well as high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

While the Norwegian Seafood Council works hard to ensure there’s a healthy source of food for the future, organizations like No Kid Hungry bring the issue of child hunger to the forefront and force us to find real solutions to address this nationwide epidemic. The Norwegian Seafood Council is honored and humbled to join forces with No Kid Hungry and the hundreds of chefs devoting their time to help end childhood hunger.

Team Norwegian Seafood members include:

  • Neal Fraser: Chef/Partner of Redbird, Vibiana, Fritzi Coop
  • Nick Roberts: Chef/Partner of Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions, Da Kikokiko & Tripli-Kit
  • Kate Failor: Director of Operations for Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions, Da Kikokiko & Tripli-Kit
  • Billy Harris: Highly sought-after MC, known as the “go-to guy” in the culinary world
  • Martin Howard: President, Howard | CDM and dedicated cyclist

Team Norwegian Seafood has a fundraising goal of $22,500—they only need $6,060 to meet their goal. Every $1 counts—every $1 you donate can help connect a child with up to 10 meals. No kid in this country should grow up hungry. Will you help end childhood hunger?

To learn more about Chefs Cycle and how you can donate, please visit