Mathew Peters of Per Se Wins Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection

The Road to the Bocuse d’Or Continues for Mathew Peters of Per Se, winner of the Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection Event

Chef Mathew Peters won the Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection Event and the chance to compete on behalf of the US at the 2017 Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France. The Selection Event was held on December 17, 2015, at The Venetian Hotel in conjunction with the hotel’s event series, ULTIMO: A Weekend of Excellence.

The competition brought together incredible chef talent from across the United States, all vying for the opportunity to represent the US at the 2017 Bocuse d’Or biennial competition. The four chefs included:

Extreme dedication, culinary excellence and a sense of community highlighted the four-hour, 35-minute National Selection Event. Each chef showcased his culinary skills and artistry as he expertly prepared and presented a seafood platter featuring Norwegian Fjord Trout, as well as a meat platter.

Excited on-lookers—including local and national chefs, press and food enthusiasts—watched intently as the competing chefs and their teams meticulously cooked and plated each dish. Teams worked from individual open-kitchen stations built inside the Venetian Hotel Ballroom. A discerning jury of celebrated chefs judged the presentations on creativity, technique, respect for the products, optimization of ingredients and, of course, taste.

The jury’s final deliberation determined Chef Mathew Peters would continue on the road to the 2017 Bocuse d’Or.

Chef Peters won for his Seed-Crusted Norwegian Fjord Trout with smoked trout belly, white sturgeon caviar, crispy russet potato “cone,” King Richard leeks, matsutake mushroom, pickled purplette onions, romaine lettuce and Meyer lemon vinaigrette.

“He cooked a perfect dish. It was not only that the fish was perfectly cooked, which is really the name of the game. He cooked the fish perfectly in that you could taste the fish, and he used the fat to his advantage,” said jury member Chef Ming Tsai when asked what stood out about Chef Peters’ presentation.

On being inspired by his fellow Team USA candidates, Chef Peters said, “Everybody has great ideas—just watching how people work and set up their stations, it’s a little eye-opening. There’s definitely things I’ve seen today from other competitors that I will implement in the way that we create our menu [for the 2017 competition].”

In preparation for the 2017 Bocuse d’Or, Chef Peters will spend one year training under the guidance of Team USA Coach and 2015 Bocuse d’Or Silver Medalist, Philip Tessier. [Learn more about what it takes to win the Bocuse d’Or here.]

When asked about his upcoming mentorship of Chef Peters, Chef Tessier said, “I'm super excited that we have the caliber of chef that we want moving forward. Gold is within our reach, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Esteemed judges seated on the chef’s jury included:

Congratulations to all of the Team USA Candidates for their incredible accomplishments! We look forward to following Chef Mathew Peters on his #RoadtoBocuse.