Adapting to Quarantine Cooking

Tips for freezing fresh fish and recipe ideas

With the majority of our time spent at home, most of us are finding ourselves cooking more. As we try to limit our trips to the store and stock up on necessities, shopping is looking a lot different than before. Americans are grocery shopping for long-lasting, staple ingredients and essentials, like protein.

In such an unsettling time, it may feel comfortable to turn to familiar proteins like chicken and beef. However, limited protein supply is forcing consumers to reevaluate their sources of protein. What many people don’t realize is there is another healthy, versatile and freezer-friendly option – fish!

We called on Chef and registered dietician Julie Harrington to help share cooking tips and recipes, shopping advice, instructions for freezing fresh fish and more – see videos below.

How to freeze salmon and stock up your freezer

How to make a protein-packed meal with salmon burgers

How to cook cod in parchment paper – the “en papillote” technique

How to cook salmon and farmed salmon 101

Remember that fish is not only a healthy option for consumption, but it is also good for the environment. With water covering 70 percent of the earth’s surface, the seas and aquaculture play an important role in eco-friendly food production – a role that Norway takes very seriously. In fact, the production of Norwegian salmon has a lower carbon footprint than both beef and pork.

And don’t forget that knowing where your seafood comes from is so important, as every country has completely different practices when it comes to sustainability. We pride ourselves in having strict regulations that maintain fish supply because we love our ocean and want to leave the next generation with plenty.

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